Here’s what our staff say …

Here’s an insight into how our employees feel about working for QBANK. These are comments taken from our Company Reviews:
“It is extremely rewarding to work for a financial institution that has a genuine care for its member base.”
“Easily get noticed for good work.”
“My role is so diverse; I am exposed to so many interesting things that I wouldn’t be exposed to in a larger company.”
“Our Members are wonderful people to help.”
“Great culture, work-life balance, support for further personal development both in-house and study opportunities, and management is really approachable.”

And these results are from our November 2017 staff survey:
86% agree “My team works well together”.
88% agree “I am treated with fairness and respect by co-workers and management”.
81% agree “I receive appropriate recognition for a job well done”.
88% agree “I understand our members’ unique needs and expectations”.
89% agree “My work is important to achieving the Mission, Vision and Values of QBANK”.
Overall, 96% of respondents provided a positive rating for QBANK as an employer. We’re proud of our organisation and acknowledge that we all have a part in fostering this great culture and work environment.